I am looking for---

I am looking for someone to have lunch or supper with me at SWENSEN'S (Taichung branch)
  • 靠邀~哇跨謀啦
  • Why?
  • Tonight? X'mas night? "Are you lonesome tonight?...." I love that old song. After dinner,there are some special programs? I am sorry about that I live in Taipei. However, I think Bernilli is better than SWENSEN .
  • Yo Sampan man,
    U r looking for a date huh??
    Hehe,it's too bad Stila is in TPE city but there.
    Anyway,I also agree with J.S.
    Swensen's is just Errr..u know. Is it good to say the food sucks there?
    Whatever,GOOD LUCK on gal-hunting!
  • to Sampan,
    Oops! It seems Stila made a offensive joke somehow.
    Hope u ain't mad at me anyway.
    Btw,it sounds u r new to Taichung,rit?
    Whatever,wishing u find someone to share yummy food with u later.
    Bon Appetite!
  • I'm in Taichung^o^
  • Sampan:
    You should know what I mean...^o^
    I can share food with u if I have time,u can write a e-mail to me